debt collection & receivables

With our professional receivables management, we will support you in the entire collection process, prevent payment defaults and secure your liquidity.

We have a solution for you too

Customers donĀ“t pay? Contact us. We enforce receivables out of court and in court, we ensure execution. You can submit individual cases as well as the entire portfolio. The receivable you submit to us must be overdue and must not be disputed.

Whatever your situation - we have the right solution


Individual approach

We offer individual solutions for each case. In cooperation with the information department, we will choose the appropriate and fastest payment option.


Out of court enforcement

The priority is to return the claim without a trial. This process is the fastest and most gentle to maintain a fair relationship with the customer.We will take care of the whole process. In written, telephone, or personal form. All in cooperation with the economic information department.



If there is no way out of court. It would only prolong the process. We are ready to take legal action. The whole process is complemented by services and cooperation with executors.


Foreign receivables

General administration according to local rules and customs with laguage skills. You can submit individual cases as well as the entire portfolio. We will always find a suitable solution.

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