Debt collection, credit reports, monitoring of your business partners

Since our establishment back in 1879, our goal has always been to protect our clients against bad debts that are so devastating for liquidity and can endanger a company’s very existence. All Creditreform’s solutions and offerings are committed to sustaining that undertaking. 

Today, Creditreform in Czechia enables to creditors to do business with minimum risk and maximum efficiency. Our mission is supported by a dynamic association, the Creditreform group and Creditreform International.

Are you customers solvent enought?

Creditreform’s business reports were developed to offer you optimal day-to-day business support. Our range of tailored information solutions is oriented towards your customers’ life cycles and specially tuned to your business needs.


Too many clients who won’t pay? Contact us!

Receivables lock up capital as they’ve got to be financed up front. With a sizeable receivables portfolio also debasing your balance sheet KPIs and containing a greater or lesser risk of bad debts, optimizing your receivables management is therefore becoming an increasingly critical success factor.


Creditreform s.r.o.

Oldřichova 97/51
CZ-128 00 Praha 2
Tel.:    +420 221 228 030

Městský soud v Praze, C/294040, den zápisu do OR: 23.04.2018

IČ: 07064730
DIČ: CZ07064730

Základní kapitál: 500.000,- Kč

Bankovní spojení: Fio banka a.s., 2301431778 / 2010

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