Creditreform Rating AG

Creditreform Rating AG belongs to the globally active Creditreform group and is one of the leading European rating agencies. It`s approved as EU-rating agency by the Federal Authority for financial service supervision (BaFin).  The scope of performance includes enterprise ratings, loan ratings, ratings of financial operations secured by real assets, structured portfolios of credits or receivables (ABS) as well as balance sheet ratings. Enterprises use ratings of Creditreform Rating AG in connection with loan emission at capital market and for addressing their money providers, banks, funds, deliverers and insurance institutions.

Creditreform Czech Republic now offers you the solvency certificate “CrefoCert”. The solvency certificate is verified by the European Credit Rating Agency „Creditreform Rating AG“. The award criteria for the CrefoCert are based upon conditions of the rating agency „Creditreform Rating AG“. The European Central Bank certified the rating agency „Creditreform Rating AG“ to evaluate credit risks.

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We are monitoring unreliable VAT-payers for you

In order to help you eliminate the risk that you will pay VAT for your unreliable business partner, we publish for you on our websites names of found out unreliable VAT-payers. We offer this service free of charge for all visitors of our websites. List to download



Development of insolvencies in the Czech Republic in 2015

Prague, January 2016 – Finally, maximum values of annual insolvency proposal numbers constitute a matter of the past. From the moment of inception of insolvency proposal until 2013, we may observe their rapid growth each year. Historically, the highest value of annual number of insolvency proposals was registered in 2013. more... 

Creditreform, 2015: For easier access

For little close joys that fill our lives, we need to go across the street. Unfortunately for some of us, this path is difficult. And so next year Creditreform contribute to easier access to the joy of life to children from Jedlicka Institute barrier-free transport again. Photo here...

Creditreform s.r.o.

Na Harfě 337/3
CZ-190 00 Praha 9
Tel.: +420 226 070 811
Fax: +420 226 070 826

Registered from 12.07.1993 by Městský soud v Praze, file C/21131 
ID-No.: 49615076
VAT: CZ49615076

Share capital: 4.000.000, - CZK

Bank account: Komerční banka, account-no. 94-1040600267/0100

GPS:50°6'10.317"N, 14°30'5.508"E

Complex services in the sphere of financial risk management

Creditreform Czech Republic is the dominant deliverer of business reports in the framework of the whole Europe. Our-long-time experience constitutes a warranty above all of secure entrepreneurial activities. Receivable management is another sphere of our activities. We dispose of modern technology and the measure-made software will secure efficient administration and extortion of receivable with high rate of success. Our products minimize your business risks. 

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